Discover the pictures of the month!

We take many pictures every single month. If you think that you have been shooted by one of our photographer, here you will be able to access our archive and order your pictures!

Découvrez les photos du mois!

Nous prenons beaucoup de photos tous les mois. Si vous pensez que vous avez été photographié, ici vous avez accès à nos archives!


What we can offer you

Stunning Pictures

Despite our passion for surfing, we offer vibrant images of places, people, nature, product, sports… As we love photography, it is primordial for us to diversify our work. We are open to any project.

High quality imagery

We use high performance equipment to provide the best quality imagery for private or commercial usages.

Under Water Photography

We are experienced surfers specialise in surf photography

a note from

EDDIE SALAZAR, surf guide Galapagos

I met Elian in the water while he was shooting surfers. We have contracted him for private shooting with our customers but also on tour for our travel company. Elian is truly an outstanding photographer (and wonderful person) with a great ability to capture nature, people and events. His long experience of surfer allowed him to make amazing surf pictures.

About us

Born in 1989 & raised in France, Elian took up photography in 2010 whilst visiting Australia. Surfing was the main focus when picking up his first DLSR. Passionated by travel, surfing and life, Elian followed his dreams and hit the road around the world for the last 10 years. With his photography, he only wants to achieve one simple goal : bring the beauty of life into light.

Kat is born 1982 and grew up in Germany. 2009 she caught her first wave. As surfers Elian & Kat met in Portugal 2015 where Elian accompanied her with his camera into the water. To improve her surf, Elian helps with good advises and some video coaching. Since then they travel together.

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